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Traditional acrylic coatings lack cushion. Experience cushioned comfort like never before with one of Cushion Court’s patented and proven product lines. Cushion Court surfaces gets the player off the hard concrete or asphalt and onto a surface that is more forgiving to your knees and joints. Our products keep the player playing harder and longer while also providing your court with less maintenance.

Our court surfaces are perfect for Pickleball, Tennis and many other sports. Check out our product lines to see which court surface will work for you.

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When you play on a surface by Cushion Courts, your knees and joints will thank you. Our products re-define cushioned comforts in the game of pickleball, tennis, basketball, and other sports. Tennis balls and Pickelballs will play and react as if it were on a hard court, but your body enjoys the built-in resilience of our cushioned base pad, adding years to your play time.

Low Impact Pickleball
Cushion Extreme Low Impact Courts

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Our seamless, resilient, poured-in-place and glued down rubber mat system are becoming the go-to surface of homeowners, clubs, and champions from coast to coast. Not only do our systems offer patented cushioned comfort, but they also take less time to install and dry, getting you on the court and back to the game you love faster.

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Customer Testimonials

Overall we are very happy with the color, texture, and playability with our pickleball court. We chose to use Cushion Extreme for a more comfortable playing surface which gives us more playing time. While there is no negative effect on the ball bounce, the Cushion Extreme surface absorbs the pressure on the body and we get to enjoy more comfortable time on the court.

- Jeanine Ryan - Napa, CA

We are extremely happy with our Cushion Extreme surface on our pickleball court. The cushion allows play for several hours without tired legs and to our surprise, there’s no compromise on the ball bounce. We couldn’t be happier with it!

- Trudy and Bruce Presser - Lafayette, CA

I wasn’t aware of other options for our pickleball court project until we were presented with the option of Cushion Extreme. After visiting a few installations and speaking with some existing customers, it was a no-brainer that this was the route to go. We made the right decision, as we play on our court nearly almost every day and our friends prefer to play at our house, on our court, because of how much longer they can play.

- Thomas Leahy - Sonoma, CA