Punish Your Opponent,
Not Your Body

This is our premium system for new construction and existing court overlay projects.

Pro-Cushion® resilient sport surfaces reduce impact on a player’s knees, ankles, hips, and feet, lowering fatigue levels and extending player time. This cushioned surface allows for up to 15-20 percent force reduction on the body.

Our technology allows our surface to be fully adhered with no hollow or dead spots. Our surface never loses its resiliency and will perform year after year, no matter the climate or location.

We have designed and innovated our cushioned tennis court surfaces so that they offer the absolute safest playing experience for athletes. Not only do our systems absorb impact, but they are smooth and consistent. You won’t find any bulging seams, wrinkles, holes, dead spots, or uneven surfaces on a Pro-Cushion® sport surface.

Pro-Cushion Cross Section Graphic