Pickleball & Tennis Courts

Experience cushioned comfort like never before with Cushion Extreme®. Patented and proven, our product base is coated in a world-class hard coat acrylic tennis and pickleball court surfacing system. Cushion Extreme® is eco-friendly using elastomeric layers and dry-fill material bonded together as the cushion foundation. This puts a cushioned surface on every square inch of the court. Traditional cushioned acrylics have rubber particles in the paint and are squeegee applied, but there is no way to get complete cushion coverage with that process. Cushion Extreme® is applied independently on every square inch of the court and the acrylic color coats are applied after.

Cushion Extreme® gets the player off of the hard concrete or asphalt by offering a ¼” matrix of rubber and sand bonded together…Providing you with a subtle, yet noticeable cushion to keep you playing harder, longer, and providing your court with less maintenance and more longevity.

Check out our latest install on the 7 indoor Pickleball Courts at Flyte Racquet Club in San Rafael, CA. 18 Outdoor Pickleball Courts and 6 Outdoor Tennis Courts will be going in Spring/Summer of 2024.